Fr. Roque Angel Jamias Ferriols: Philosopher of Meron

The Many Faces of the Teacher is privileged this year to recognize a truly learned Jesuit.

Fr. Roque Angel Jamias Ferriols, S.J. made the daring decision to teach philosophy in Filipino at a time when English was the popular choice and was regarded as the only language of education. In fact, he was prohibited to do so; yet persistence paved the way.

A Jesuit for 65 years, teacher for 52 and the only “true genius” in the Philippine province of the Society of Jesus according to historian Horacio de la Costa, Fr. Ferriols’ teachings stay with his students long after the course is completed. This is because he teach philosophy in such a way that students are transported to the very shores of ancient Greece, in way that the thinking of Heraclitus and Parmenides are experienced in an almost palpable manner. This he is able to do because he reads and studies in the original language and he teaches in the native language.

Fr. Ferriols has written several books on Philosophy, four of which have been recognized as the best books in their respective categories by the Manila Critics Circle. He was awarded Professor Emeritus in 2006, Outstanding Senior Teacher in 2002, Tanglaw ng Lahi in 1989.


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